Когда у попрыгуньи болят ноги, она прыгает сидя. Фаина Раневская.



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Treatment is conducted by individual programmes and author's methods

Children and youth:

- correction of spine and large joints with infringements of a bearing (scolioses, kyphoscoliosis, lordosis, torticollis, flat feet);

- mobilizated manipulations;

- scoliotic massage;

and other


- prophylaxis and treatment of supporting - motor apparatus, spine and large joints (arthritises, arthrosis, koksarthrosis), humeral, coxal, knee, talocrural and cubital joints;

- treatment of neurologic frustration on a background of static infringements and ilness of supporting - motor apparatus;

- treatment and preventive maintenance of scolioses, flat feetand other infringements of a bearing;

- treatment of acute and chronic diseases of musculoskeletal system;

- rehabilitation after operations on spine;

- rehabilitation of sportsmen after traumatic infringements and operational interventions (spine, lower and upper extremities)

and other