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Kinesiotherapy is the treatment with use of various forms of movement

Kinesiotherapy (kinesiotherapia - greek. kinesis – movement, therapia - medical care, treatment) is the treatment with active and passive movements, curative gymnastics.

Main target is recovery of painless movements of spine and extremities, improvement of endurance of an organism and the muscles, controllable decrease in weight of a body. Kinesitherapy is medical movements directed on development and improvements of mobility of large and fine joints, segments of spine, increasing of elasticity of sinews, muscular fabric.

Using of kinesitherapy is actual for preventive maintenance and rehabilitation. Using of especially picked up exercises in painful points of spine and joints is expedient. In combination with the individual program of exercises we offer the exercises which influence on all groups of muscles. Uniqueness consists in an opportunity of activization of cramped deep muscles of spine and joints without axial loading with exact dosage of necessary physical efforts.

From physiology it is known, that a feed of joints (intervertebral disks) is carried out only by their own deep muscles, as they (joints, disks) don't have their own vessels. Muscles thus carry out function of "micropumps" (active diffusion). But if these musclesdo not use long time, i.e. do not carry out regular exercises with their attraction, then they sramp (the painful phase), and then will atrophy (a dystrophic phase of illness). Eventually, in view of updating an articulate liquid, joints (disks) reach a stage of a degeneration (osteochondroses with hernias, arthrosis etc.) Osteochondrosis is a primacy of damage intervertebral disk with the subsequent degeneration and a dystrophy of fabrics of satellites, bone and gristle fabrics, and also muscles and vascular textures. Accordingly, the primary reason of illness is spasm of muscles. It is necessary to tell, that neither bones, nor cartilages, even nerves and brain do not have painful receptors. It is known to physiologists. And muscles, sheaf and sinew have got these painful receptors (noci - receptors). Nerves (the nervous terminations) remove this information from cramped muscels and through spinal cord inform central nervous system (brain) about problem. In the answer the command (strong-willed) "to switch on " to these muscles "from above" should act. But how? If painfully and terribly...

By techniques specially developed by us it was possible to solve this problem without medicines. Using our techniques, patient itself participates in recovering. Necessity of medicinal anesthesia is removed, as muscles have own anesthetic factor at correctly set command to action.

Treatment and preventive employment are spent in specially equipped hall. Besides that for sportsmen the complex of rehabilitation actions on fresh air is stipulated. Our methods are developed on the basis of practical supervision, and uniqueness proves to be true with numerous patients of our center.

Among our patients were well-known sportsmen, and figures of arts, and politics, but from ethical reasons we do not print their names.

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